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 Leap into Learning!

Serving Montrose, Delta Ouray, Gunnison, San Miguel, and surrounding counties in Colorado, as well as Clinton, Clay, Platte, Jackson and surrounding counties in Missouri via teletherapy.

Speech & Language Learners is a small, personalized private practice serving communities we have a personal connection to.  We offer individualized speech and language sessions via live video sessions to meet the changing needs of your child, ages birth through young adulthood.  We focus on building communication skills through relationships and successes, with a focus on the child's interests and what they can do. 


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Treatment includes:

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Speech-sound disorders

  • Articulation / phonology

  • Low intelligibility

  • Expressive and receptive language delay / disorders

  • Language-based learning difficulties

  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills

  • Disfluency / stuttering 

  • AAC (Alternative & Augmentative Communication)

  • Other communication difficulties and skills

Other Services:

  • Evaluations and reports

  • Speech and/or language screenings

  • Consult services for parents included in sessions

  • Play-based language therapy for young children

  • Coaching model for younger children to empower parents

  • Literacy-based services for older students available

  • And more! 

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about me

Sarah Carter, M.A. CCC-SLP

I am a speech language pathologist currently serving the pediatric population ages birth through young adulthood.  I am nationally accredited through ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association) and hold state licenses to practice speech language pathology in Colorado and Missouri. 


I received my graduate degree from the University of Maine in 2013.   I have experience with childhood apraxia of speech, articulation, phonologically-based language difficulties, autism spectrum (ASD), low intelligibility, language-literacy learners, and other speech, expressive language, receptive language, and pragmatic (social) language difficulties. 


My undergraduate studies included French Language and Linguistic/Cultural Anthropology, from Temple University in 2007.  Originally from Maine, I have also lived in Vermont, Philadelphia and Europe, as well as backpacked across New Zealand. 


I moved to Montrose, Colorado in 2017 to explore the mountains and mesas and build a life in this colorful playground.  In 2021 we moved to Missouri to be near family with our infant son. 


When not researching to learn more about language and communication, I can be found outside enjoying all that nature has to offer.  I look forward to meeting you!

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Providing you with the information and treatment you need

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45 min / $85

HSAs, credit card or check accepted

A superbill will be provided upon request for insurance reimbursement by the family.  The family is responsible for knowing the details of their chosen insurance plan.  A referral for speech/language evaluation and treatment is recommended (free form available), and each family is encouraged to find if prior authorization is necessary and if there is any limit to sessions per year, as well as if Speech/Language therapy is covered.  

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Medicaid- Colorado

I now accept Colorado medicaid.  Clients with medicaid will need a physician's order for speech/language evaluation and/or treatment (contact Speech & Language Learners for free referral form) prior to their initial evaluation.  If you are not sure if a referral is needed, a free 30-min screening and consultation is available for medicaid recipients.  Medicaid will be billed directly on behalf of the client, copays expected at time of service.

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Telepractice options are available for families who prefer to have sessions in the comfort of their home.  All you need is a computer, solid internet connection and optional headphones, we provide the rest!

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Screenings are approximately 30 min in length and include time with client and consultation for $25.  Written report (one page) of screening findings is an additional $25.  Any monies spent on screenings can be applied to evaluation cost, if evaluation is recommended and chosen based of screening results.

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Initial Evaluations

Comprehensive evaluations are offered for ages birth to 18 years old using standardized measures as well as clinician expertise.  Evaluations typically take one to two and a half hours depending on age/needs and can be spread out over sessions as needed (birth-3 is mostly parent interview with some play-based interactions).  They also include time with parent to review the report and ask questions after the evaluation is complete. Cost is dependent on age/needs.

Assessments include: 

-One-on-one time with child

-Parent interview

-Comprehensive Report

-Plan of Care

-Superbill to submit to insurance for reimbursement

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Free Consultations

Not sure what you need or want to see if Speech and Language Learners is an ideal fit?  Call or email to schedule your free video or phone consultation today!

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Opening Hours:

Monday 9a-7p

Wednesday 9a-7p

Sat: 10a-2p

Sunday: Closed

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